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CEVS 2011 • Sept. 28-29 • AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center • 1900 University Avenue • Austin, Texas 78705

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CEVS 2011 Presenting Companies



  Acta Cell, Inc.

ActaCell is developing the next generation high power lithium ion batteries for motive applications.  Our initial efforts are focused on commercializing materials development performed at the University of Texas at Austin. Our team of scientists and engineers are also working on future materials in both cathode and anode technologies.  With our R&D approach, we can offer next generation Li-Ion solutions by supplying completed cell and pack designs to interested customers.
  BeHome247, Inc.

Now your home is always as close as your phone… no matter where you are. BeHome247 has created an affordable, modular all-in-one remote access and monitoring system that allows anyone with an internet connection to see high quality, live video, control thermostats, manage a home security system, and much more from anywhere. With BeHome247, you're in control like never before. Combining the ease of today's best mobile applications, BeHome247 lets you experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a fully automated home.
  Description: Perma Works' Logo   Perma Works LLC

Advanced aerospace electronic systems are machine built in hybrid packages. Hybrid packaging mounts bare chip ICs on a ceramic substrates. However, ceramic substrates lack the ability to handle higher currents. We now have a process which allows us to place high current traces and bare ICs on ceramic. In the future, power systems will be built by machines, not by hand.
  Description: SecureWaters Inc   SecureWaters, Inc.

SecureWaters Inc. manufactures and sells the AquaSentinel, an electro-mechanical monitor/alarm system for continuous protection of source drinking waters. The device utilizes patented technology from Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL).  The technology is capable of detecting the presence of toxic agents at levels well below these anticipated from terrorist attacks or accidental contamination.
    TerraLUX Inc.

TerraLUX develops technology and products that make it easy for customers to implement and leverage complex LED lighting in ways and at price points never before achieved.  TerraLUX uses the latest high-power LED components from leading manufacturers to produce superior performing products. These TerraLUX Light Engines provide significant advantages in energy efficiency, lifetime, and lumen maintenance over incumbent technology such as incandescent or halogen, while offering powerful, constant, quality light output during operation.
    Green Power Labs Inc.

Green Power Labs Inc. is a company of solar resource experts and engineers. As solar resource experts we provide solar resource mapping, monitoring and forecasting services. As solar engineers we assist clients with assessment, planning and implementation of solar technology applications. Established in 2003, the Company has evolved into a leading solar expert and has built a reputation for exceptional quality of knowledge base and service.
    Vela Gear Systems

"North America's New Source" for precision wind energy components.  We offer a "one-stop-shop" solution, where all capabilities to complete our product will be in a single facility, creating the lowest cost and highest quality.  Utilizing the latest technologies and equipment our team of expert engineers, and technicians are prepared to manufacture precision components for a new era of wind turbine construction. As seasoned veterans in the wind industry, we know what it takes to build the finest components while maintaining your production goals. VGS provides a viable alternative to logistical delay; leading industry partners to their financial destination by being responsive, proactive, and flexible in production implementation. Click here for more information.
    Yan Engines

Yan Engines' D-Cycle changes five parts in existing 4-Stroke engines to produce 80% more fuel economy and 204% more torque, as prototype tested. This result demonstrates the potential of the technology to revolutionize the way we drive and positively impact the environment. Under a US DoD contract, retrofit designs are complete for the first engine platform, prototyping will begin Q4 2011 and the we will look to commercialize starting with semi-trucks.
  Clear Logo   Clear Technology Systems

Innovative new battery recycling process that improves theprocess by 60%, eliminates toxic waste while improving output of the lead produced. The company has customer orders worth $100M annually. The process has been audited and validated, no prior art conflict from the IP search conducted and the first plant will be built in Austin, TX. The company is in the process of preparing for a Series A round.
  Description: Omni Water Solutions   Omni Water Solutions

Omni Water Solutions provides over 20 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and deploying water treatment solutions. With its revolutionary portable systems, Omni offers clean water solutions unparalleled in the industry.  The Omni platforms provide a synergistic approach to water treatment by using patent-pending Octozone© technology – a cascading set of interlocked devices linked with robust analytics and software. The result of this integrated intelligence is a dynamic platform which supplies clean water at an unprecedented rate. The capacity to treat the worst case water source is available as required, and only the necessary treatment is activated – saving energy, water and maintenance. The Omni platforms are purchased ready to deploy the instant the need arises, an especially critical feature for natural disaster response at home or abroad.